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Let’s begin your web development journey with 2 facts. Fact numero uno - you have less than 7 seconds to make a lasting impression on your website. Anything longer than that, then the user is outta there! The good news for us is that it has taken you more than 7 seconds to reach this sentence, and this part of the website.

So, do you have a website? Whether you answer yes or no, it’s important to know the following - and here’s fact number 2 - the latest figures state (supplied to us by our team of researchers, and by that we mean Google) 80% of users will research a business or organization online before deciding to do business with them. By our math, that is staggeringly high. But what can you learn from this? It’s 2-fold:

  • You need a great website to make a lasting impression on your customer. Website users are an impatient bunch, and if your website just isn’t cutting it, then you can say goodbye to that customer. You might as well just offer them your competitor’s business card.
  • You need a great website so potential customers know your business exists. How many of that 80% have heard about you, gone to Google, typed in your business name and yielded zero results? Well, maybe not zero - we’re sure you have an outdated YELP or 411 profile.

Now where do you start? Easy. You contact us.

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