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If responsive design isn’t your thing, then make your website mobile.

Yes, your website is mobile compatible - which website isn’t? - but do you realize how annoying it is when your customer looks at your website on their mobile device and they have to constantly “pinch and zoom” to view it? If you’re nodding your head in agreement - because you too find it annoying when you have the same issues with other websites - then why are you treating your customer the same?

In a world where mobile devices are outselling desktops and laptops by 3:1, you need to wake up and smell the coffee! The viewing of your website, regardless of whatever device it is being accessed on, NEEDS to be convenient for your user.

A mobile user is “on-the-go” and is accessing your website for essential pieces of information - directions to your office, a contact phone number or form. Do you think they have time to search your entire website for this information? Do you think they’ll appreciate "pinching and zooming" too? Clearly not. They want to access whatever they need quickly and efficiently, as well as experience something different with your mobile website compared to your regular desktop website.

Optimizing Your Mobile Website

There are a variety of best practices to keep in mind when optimizing your mobile website, and you’d think it would be wise to list all of them here. Well, you’re wrong. We know you’re busy and are just looking for the essential facts. Therefore, we’ve stripped that list down to what we consider the top 5 best practices for optimizing your mobile website:

  • You’re aware of the KISS principle, right? It applies to mobile websites too. It needs to be simple - you want the user to get from point A to point B in as little steps as possible.
  • You’re branding needs to be consistent. Yes, the mobile website will be much more streamlined than your regular desktop website, but your logo, colors, and brand needs to be present. If you change it completely, will your customer know they’re still on your website?
  • It needs to be fast. Just like your desktop website, it has to load quickly. If not, then say goodbye to that user. An important point to note here - don’t use Flash or Java. Firstly, Apple doesn’t support Flash, and Java will be a drag on loading the website.
  • Avoid pop-up windows. You know how annoying this is on a regular website? Just imagine what it’s like on a mobile website. Avoid them like the plague.
  • It’s slightly contradictory, but allow your user to access the full website. There might be information that your user wants, but you have not displayed it on your mobile website. Let the user have the option to choose which website they want to view.

Considering a making your website mobile? Contact us to find out how we can help.

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