Educational Institutes and Colleges

The websites for education institution and colleges are typically really busy as you have a lot of things pulling for your attention. It is truly challenging to fulfill the content and style demands, but our team knows how to strike the perfect balance. 

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Challenges faced by the Educational industry


Low visibility:

While searching for the right institute to join, most students start their search online. Thus, many good institutes get overlooked because they do not have a website. They will also find it difficult to get students to enroll simply because they are not visible enough on the internet.

Lack of trained staff:

Good educational institutes have the best of faculty and staff, who are well-trained and qualified in teaching students. However, institutes without a good website or online presence may find it challenging to convince qualified lecturers of their credibility. Hence, they could lose many potential faculty members in this way.

Inability to connect with prospective students:

One of the major difficulties faced by educational institutes today is their inability to connect with prospective students. However, if institutes have an active online presence through website marketing and social media, they will be in a better position to reach out to a youthful crowd.


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Improved website user experience:

Whether an institute needs a new website or wants to upgrade from their old one, 2webdesign can create a fabulous website that delivers a great experience to anyone who uses it. Be it a student or even a faculty member.

Building student and faculty login pages:

After years of designing websites for the different industries, 2webdesign has gained tremendous experience in developing high-end websites. Features include special login pages like student or faculty logins for instance.

Responsive design:

Most of the student population nowadays usually surf the web using their mobiles or tablets. 2webdesign can create amazing responsive websites that function well on these devices.

Our clients have something to tell you

Alan Long

Director of Marketing and Development
Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan

Last winter we decided we needed a website upgrade. We talked to several website companies and made the strongest connection with 2 Web Design.

Jennifer Brooks

Director, Community Development & Communications Services
City of Humboldt

2 Web Design's staff have a high level of expertise, the technical knowledge that they were able to bring to the table, as well as their creativity really helped raise the bar. They really took the time to listen and address our needs.

Don Miekle

Executive Director

We've always been happy with the service of 2 Web Design. I have recommended 2 Web Design. It is great to have people there that can walk you through every step. They're there to make sure that we understand what they're doing.

Kendal Netmaker

Neechie Gear

2 Web Design was the one that really stood out for a number of reasons: for customer service, price point, and just plain old professionalism.

Mary Toy

Speedy Vaccum

If someone told me they were looking for someone to design them a website, I would definitely tell them to check into 2 Web Design. They did really listen to us and did a really good job.

Rauncie Kinnaird

Kinnaird Bagpipes & Reeds

We feel like we have a relationship with 2 Web Design and that they're committed to our business growth. There hasn't been any limits on what we can do with them.

Sydney Smith

Senior Communications Officer

When working with 2 Web Design we found that they were able to pull everything together, succinctly, to make sure that we were satisfied in the end.

George Kosmos

The Cave Restaurant

My experience working with 2 Web has been phenomenal. They really listened to what I wanted. Sometimes you have a vision and a lot of people can't see that. They were really good at working with me to get that vision.

Paris Aden

Partner & Co-founder
Valitas Capital Partners

2 Web Design really stood out for us as a firm that had the design creativity, had the right aesthetic flavour, and they did a masterful job in combining the aesthetic requirements of the website with providing us with a very flexible content management system.

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