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What you need to know about developing your eCommerce website.

In our humble opinion, there are 2 types of consumers in this world. There are those that will happily spend a lot of time going from store to store, business to business, researching, comparing, and discussing where they want to spend their money. But then there are those that will throw their money at something as soon as they see it.

No matter which type of consumer your business attracts, they spend a lot of time doing this research in-person. Now, this isn’t too bad when it’s nice outside, but when it’s not, wouldn’t you like your paying customer to be able shop from the comfort and ease of their own home?

Getting Started

The easiest way to getting started is to contact us and arrange a free consultation. We can sit down with you, discuss your idea(s), and present a solution. But... we know you’re that eager, so we’ve complied a list of questions to help you get started.

Now, if you can answer these, that’s great! We’re halfway there. But if you can only answer 1 or 2, or maybe not even any of them, then... that’s great too! We’re here to help guide and advise you on developing your ecommerce website.

  • If selling locally and nationally you have to consider the change in taxes across the country, as well as internationally. Where in the world are your products going? You have to factor in shipping costs, and possible International taxes.
  • There are many shipping companies to use when shipping your products nationally and globally. Do you have a preference? Depending on what company you choose we can integrate their API (Application Programming Interface) so you can provide your user with the most up-to-date shipping costs.
  • Do you currently have a payment system or merchant bank account in place? If not, then we can provide you with information in relation to this. If so, then we can look at integrating this system with the website to make seamless  transactions.
  • Have you thought about security? A customer’s biggest concern when completing transactions online is the safety and security of their personal details (name, address, credit card info). To reassure your customers (and you) many payment systems are equipped with data-encryption software. We also provide additional security too.
  • Who is going to manage the website? Depending on the number of transactions taking place in a day, a week, or a month, a single website administrator/manager might be sufficient enough. However, what if you’re receiving 100 orders a day? You don’t want to disappoint your customers by not responding to them straight away, therefore you might require additional help.

Overwhelmed? Don’t be. Once we meet and discuss your project, it’ll all make sense.

The Cost

You’ve probably scanned your way to this section of this page, which is great. You’re obviously serious about developing an ecommerce website. However, if you do have time (not now, maybe later), we encourage you to read all the information above.

We’d love to provide you an exact figure, but if we did that then we’d be stating that all ecommerce websites, i.e. your online business, are all the same. And we know that just isn’t true!

All our solutions are customized for each client, and therefore we can only provide per-project pricing. Once we meet with you, evaluate your goals and objectives, and understand your business requirements, can we then provide the most accurate price quote for your ecommerce website.

So, who’s ready?

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