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Content Management System

Manage your own website content with a robust CMS.

Your content is ready to go. All you need to do now is to somehow try and figure out how to copy it from your MS Word document (or if you’re fancy like us, you’re Pages document), and paste it on to the website. Hmm. It’s a bit of head scratcher... Well, stop that scratching! Unless your website was built 20 years ago, then you should have a content management system (CMS) at your finger tips.

What is a content management system?

A CMS is the tool that your website is built on, and enables you - the website editor - to create, publish, distribute, organize, and manage your website’s content. However, it is also responsible for creating the structure of how your website’s content - text, images, video - and the design of the website is presented. The CMS is easy-to-use - the text editor on most content management systems resembles an MS Word document or email - so if you can use either of them, then there’s no reason why you can’t use a CMS.

What CMS is right for me?

If you’ve done your research then you will know there are a variety of content management systems currently available. There are open-source CMS platforms such as Drupal and Wordpress, as well as a fully customized CMS platform developed in-house by our team of developers. At 2 Web Design we consult with you prior to any website development to determine which CMS is the best fit for you and your website.

In order to determine your requirements, and what is the right CMS for your website, we recommend scheduling a meeting with one of 2 Web Design’s consultants and requesting a demo of how the CMS operates.

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