2 Web Design Launches Artificial Intelligence based C.A.T.S. Program For Enhanced Technical Support

Our passion to help our customers that led us to develop a truly innovative technology that is game changer in the industry. We are proud to announce the launch of our new AI based service C.A.T.S. (Cat Assisted Technical Support).

Artificial Intelligence and Neural networks are changing the way we communicate and share ideas, share joy and help businesses and organizations.

Our AI based C.A.T.S. program will automate our technical support and ticket management system by sending cute CAT videos to our customers while our support team helps resolve the issues.

2 Web Design Launches Artificial Intelligence based CATS Program For Enhanced Technical Support


Step 1: Customer sends in support request to AI based C.A.T.S.

Step 2: C.A.T.S. identifies the nature of issue and assign issues to technical support team and its neural network

Step 3: While the team resolves the issue, C.A.T.S. searches the database for cat videos that matches with its FOJ index for the specific issue

Step 4: The customer receives automated updates and cat videos based on the nature of their issues.

Step 5: C.A.T.S. provide final updates for the issue to customer along with AI generated cat video that summarizes the issue and captures the emotion of both the technical support person and customer.

Step 6: The issue is resolved and happiness prevails. Not happy with the summary video? No problem. C.A.T.S. is an intelligent system and will keep sending you cute cat videos until the ticket is marked as closed by the customer.

Technical support and customer service is much more than solving problems and trouble shooting, it’s about providing service as well as the feel of joy and laughter.

We are confident that our new service will help us better serve our clients and allow them to feel part of our tech support cycle.

LAUNCH DATE: April 1, 2018 



Now that we have got your attention (courtesy cat videos), why not subscribe to this program by making a donation to SPCA Saskatoon. Click on the image below to donate.




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